This is where we execute the creative vision. Cast and crew come together with photography, sound, and lighting to capture the elements of the project. Our professional writers, directors, and producers guide the shooting and bring the idea to life.


In charge of all things creative, the director is one of the most important roles on set. The director is responsible for the execution of everything that appears in front of the camera.


Cinematography sets the visual aesthetic and mood of the project. The director of photography makes camera and lens choices and determines visual narrative features like framing, composition, and movement.


While shooting, the goals and intentions that were determined in pre-production direct our activity on set. Every frame that we capture is guided by the main objectives of the project.


Even with the best laid plans, the realities of shooting will present new challenges to overcome. Our producers, directors, and crew are flexible and savvy enough to surmount obstacles and make modifications.


During production, certain necessities of the cast and crew must be accommodated. Production assistants are employed for the setup and storage of equipment and to oversee catering, parking, security, and management of personnel.


The role of producer is to manage the entire project by hiring crew, communicating with the team, managing logistics, and supervising tasks at each stage on the production timeline. The producer makes sure that the completed product meets expectations.

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