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Find Friday – The Drag & Drop Website Builder

At Bearbox Studios, we love pushing creative boundaries, and our latest project for is a testament to that passion. We had a blast producing a video that brings a very fun, comedic vibe to life, reminiscent of the quirky and memorable Purple mattress commercials. Our team incorporated wild, crazy goats and colorful characters, crafting a narrative that’s both entertaining and unforgettable. The goal was to capture the lively essence of, and we believe the unique, humorous approach does just that.


The production process was an adventure in itself, filled with laughter and imaginative brainstorming. From scripting to final edits, every step was infused with a spirit of fun and innovation. We are incredibly proud of the final product and excited for viewers to experience the whimsical world we created. Click to watch the video and enjoy the delightful madness of crazy goats and eccentric characters, all delivered with the high-quality production values you expect from Bearbox Studios.

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