Once the idea is greenlit, we begin building full scripts, storyboards, and shot lists. In this stage we scout locations, book talent, and build our crew. The production schedule is set.


Establishing a schedule for shooting and having key deliverables marked on the calendar is integral to any proficient video production.


Good storytelling and scripting is an essential element as it predetermines the action, dialogue, message, and look of a film. Scripts are the blueprints that provide production details for the cast and crew.


Memorable performances from skilled actors can significantly influence how audiences connect to your video project. All roles required by the script are cast with care.


It’s important to find the right location that compliments the objectives of your project. Knowing where the shoot will take place allows us to organize the required crew and equipment.

Set Design

Production design includes all the visual elements seen on camera. A quality set design helps the audience visualize the setting.


Wardrobe is a vital visual element that helps actors transform into believable people on screen. A good costume communicates character details and personality too.

Behind The Scenes

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