BearBox Studios offers clients full production services, from start to finish, as well as collaborative work at any point on the production timeline. No matter the scope of your project, it’s important to have a production company that understands the creative process.


In the first stage of the creative process, it’s important for us to ask the right questions. By listening to what our clients envision, we can detail exactly what their objectives are. We determine the breadth and budget of the production, learn who the audience is, and establish where the content will be featured. We provide our clients with visual references or script outlines to present the concept as well as a clear budget and contract.


Once the idea is greenlit, we begin building full scripts, storyboards, and shot lists. In this stage we scout locations, book talent, and build our crew. The production schedule is set.


This is where we execute the creative vision. Cast and crew come together with photography, sound, and lighting to capture the elements of the project. Our professional writers, directors, and producers guide the shooting and bring the idea to life.


After production has wrapped, the final stage in the process is to edit together the footage, color-grade, and mix sound for final release. Music, voice-overs, animations, and visual effects are sometimes added in this phase. This is the polishing and finishing process.

Brands and clients we work with