After production has wrapped, the final stage in the process is to edit together the footage, color-grade, and mix sound for final release. Music, voice-overs, animations, and visual effects are sometimes added in this phase. This is the polishing and finishing process.


The editing process is about determining which parts are included in the final product and gathering clips into a sequence. It takes an eye for detail and the ability to assemble shots into a natural progression.


Film colorists can adjust contrast and exposure after filming. Sometimes color grading is used to ensure visual continuity or to create a stylized look.


Sound editing is crucial not only because it’s how the audience hears important information, but quality audio can compliment what we see on screen and evoke meaningful emotional responses. Music, sound effects, and even silence come together to generate an auditory language.

Visual Effects

Visual effects can be applied to manipulate real, on-screen imagery. A VFX artist can build new environments or objects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible or practical to do in a live-action shot.


A great option for conveying information or telling a story is through animation. Animated elements can interact with live-action footage or animation can be the primary medium.


After a project is completed, it’s important to transfer the media to our clients in a format that they can use for their publishing preferences. The raw footage from the project is also delivered to be archived securely.

Behind The Scenes

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