Amazon – Light a Path for Deliveries

At BearBox Studios, in collaboration with the talented team at Wooshii, we produced an impactful video for Amazon titled “Light the Path for Deliveries.” This project highlighted the crucial need for better lighting during the dark hours to ensure the safety and efficiency of Amazon drivers. By shedding light on this issue, we aimed to […]

Full Circle Brewing Co – Mango Bomb

At Bearbox Studios, we had the pleasure of creating an exciting video for Full Circle Brewing Company’s Mango Bomb. Produced entirely in our studio, this project featured an array of captivating product shots and innovative practical elements. We focused on highlighting the can and the vibrant, bright colors that reflect the refreshing and bold flavors […]

Goldberg & Ibarra – Fresno’s Champion For Injured Workers

Barebox Studios proudly unveils our latest commercial for Goldberg & Ibarra, esteemed attorneys dedicated to representing disadvantaged and injured workers. This commercial, crafted with a delicate and esoteric touch, aims to resonate deeply with those in need of legal assistance after workplace injuries. The slow, graceful pacing of the visuals, accompanied by serene piano music, […]

Family Healthcare Network Commercial

At Bearbox Studios, we recently had the pleasure of creating a stunning 60-second commercial for the Family Healthcare Network, in collaboration with Butler Branding. This project was a true testament to our commitment to quality and creativity. The commercial features breathtaking imagery that beautifully captures the essence of Family Healthcare Network’s dedication to providing top-notch […]

Find Friday – The Drag & Drop Website Builder

At Bearbox Studios, we love pushing creative boundaries, and our latest project for is a testament to that passion. We had a blast producing a video that brings a very fun, comedic vibe to life, reminiscent of the quirky and memorable Purple mattress commercials. Our team incorporated wild, crazy goats and colorful characters, crafting […]

Satisfye Ryze Game Pads Ad – Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

BearBox Studios Brings Satisfye RYZEPADS to Life BearBox Studios has partnered with Satisfye to create an exceptional video showcasing the RYZEPADS Complete Set for the Nintendo Switch. Our team at BearBox Studios utilized cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling to highlight the unique features and benefits of the RYZEPADS. From conceptualization to final production, we meticulously […]

Forever Adored – New Eyelash Extension Product

This Forever Adored Project showcases the launch of an exciting new eyelash extension product developed by the talented Kelly Torrence. This project was an incredible journey, capturing the essence of Kelly’s innovative beauty solution and her passion for empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful. Working with Kelly Torrence was a truly remarkable experience. Her […]

Camerana Health Commercial – We are Health

Bearbox Studios is proud to present for Camarena Health’s “We Are Health” campaign. This video, produced in the heart of California’s Central Valley, incorporates dynamic motion graphics to vividly convey the message of health and wellness. Our goal was to create a visually engaging and informative piece that highlights Camarena Health’s dedication to providing quality […]

Compact Sleeve in Flight Nylon | MacBook Protection

Premium utility. Durable material. All in a compact sleeve.Crafted with exceptionally durable, lightweight, practically everything-resistant Flight Nylon, the Compact Sleeve complements and protects the streamlined form of MacBook and incorporates an unexpected yet fundamental pocket that fits a MacBook charger.Now available in Black, Navy, Olive and Mulberry. Shop now:

The Best in Macbook protection | The Original MacBook hardshell

In 2009, we created the first hardshell case for MacBook. And our innovative design is still a leader in MacBook protection 10 years running. We’ve made improvements along the way—like incorporating durable, premium Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate and moving from a soft-touch finish to a stylish dot design—but the key features we started with remain a […]