Rethink the Frame Possibilities

Every frame tells a story. Let us help you tell yours.

It’s a visual world. Filling the frame is important.

Every frame tells a story— behind each frame is a team working hard to bring that story to life. We tell engaging stories that capture attention.

BearBox Studios is a premium video production company based in California. From concept, production, to post-production, we are passionate about telling stories and creating within the limitations of a project. We love challenges and problem-solving.

If you’re a brand, agency, producer, or director, it’s time to rethink the possibilities. Rethink video production. Rethink the frame.

Brands and clients we work with


It’s important to have a production company that understands the creative process. We offer full production services, from start to finish, as well as collaborative work at any point on the production timeline.


We start by asking the right questions to understand your vision, budget, and goals.


In this stage, we build scripts and storyboards, scout locations, book talent, build crew and plan production.


It’s time to fill the frame! Our professional production team will guide the shooting to bring the idea to life.


Once filming is complete, it's time to edit together the footage, color-grade and mix sound for final release.

Downtown Fresno

BearBox is a creative factory in the center of California. Our offices are available for studio shoots, post-production, and creative meetings.

Consider Your Budget

A Budget Guide helps you analyze the cost of production. Let’s have a conversation about pricing and our catalog of our services.

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